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To many ordinary Iranians, nuclear deal means money, food and jobs
VIENNA (Reuters) - To Iran's leaders, solving a nuclear standoff with the West might be a question of maintaining geopolitical influence and prestige. To its ordinary citizens, it's about money, food and jobs.
Toyota's top female executive steps down after arrest in Japan
TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday that Julie Hamp, its first female managing officer, had resigned following her arrest last month on suspicion of illegally importing the painkiller oxycodone into Japan.
"Conscience vote" may help Australia decide on same-sex marriage
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia will soon decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage under a cross-party bill which may allow parliament members to vote according to their conscience, rather than along party lines, media reported on Wednesday.
MIT's 'Enigma' system uses bitcoin tricks to share encrypted data
The MIT Media Lab and two bitcoin experts have unveiled a prototype encryption system that lets you share it with a third party (or be computed with), without anyone else decrypting it. It means untrusted computers could still be tasked with dealing ...
Zuckerberg reveals Facebook's AI, VR and Internet.org plans
In a Q&A on his profile today, Mark Zuckerberg explained how he and his team are preparing Facebook for the future. In it, he revealed that he believes the ultimate communication technology will allow us to send thoughts to each other. "You'll just b...
Sony's Cast-friendly speakers offer high-res and multi-room audio
If you're a fan of using Google's Cast tech, AirPlay or Spotify Connect to handle your wireless speaker duties, Sony announced a trio of audio gadgets that play nice with all three. Continuing its affinity for alphanumeric product names, the company'...
Android Central
Xiaomi expands reach outside Asia, launches Redmi 2 in Brazil
Xiaomi has announced last year that it would be targeting non-Asian markets in 2015, and the Chinese vendor is now kicking things off in Brazil with the launch of the Redmi 2.
Clash of Clans snags new leagues, spells, and more in big update
Wildly popular free-to-play title, Clash of Clans, has scored a pretty big update. Coming along for the ride is the new Dark Spell Factory, units, and all new leagues for the best of the best to compete in.
My shameless addiction to Vainglory, and its effect on how I game
It's not a new game, but Vainglory introduced me to a whole new way to enjoy playing on my mobile devices. It also got my hopelessly addicted to the genre. Again. For me, mobile gaming has always been about filling the time normally spent awkwardly waiti...

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